• book-keeping,
  •  keeping records of VAT sale and purchases,
  •  keeping records of fixed assets and depreciation of fixed assets,
  •  filling in tax declarations (VAT-7, CIT-2, PIT-4),
  •  preparing monthly ZUS declarations ( including transferring ZUS declarations electronically to the ZUS office and providing copies in time for our Clients to settle with the ZUS authorities within the statutory time limit),
  • preparing monthly INTRASTAT declarations
  • informing the Client about formal, accounting, and factual mistakes which we notice in the documents submitted to us,
  • representing our Client at the Tax Office if it proves necessary to provide explanations to the tax authorities concerning the Client’s tax affairs,
  • preparing payrolls and conducting other HR administrative services.


  • supplying client-server computer systems,
  • supplying Sage computer software for accounting, sales and payrolls,
  • training clients’ staff in operating Sage computer software,
  • creating customised software for companies,
  • preparing and making inventories
  • preparing commercial contracts